Wine Kitz

Hello Winemakers!

It's October and winemaking is in full swing so get on the bandwagon and start your favorite wines as well as some of those you have not yet tried.

Wines of the month for October..15% off... are as follows:

Traditional Red: Malbec...reg. $89.00

Traditional White: Liebfraumilch...reg: $89.00

Legacy Red: Cab Merlot...reg $125.00

Legacy White:Riesling...reg. $115.00

Passport Wines are now available for preordering...stop by Wine Kitz on 8th and  pick up your pamphlet describing the wines for 2019...first one available in December...deadline for ordering is November 16.

Limited Release wines Niagara MIst Chocolate Cherry & Peach Ice Wine are still available...quantities are limited.

See you at Wine Kitz on 8th!

Your Wine Lady